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Free Virtual Classes

Train at home, but never alone!

August 29 - September 16

Enjoy 3 weeks of FREE classes including unlimited on-demand class replays

Summer is almost over. Are you ready to reclaim your health & fitness before the holiday season arrives? I'm ready to get you started! Now is your chance to explore working out at home with a fitness expert and experienced yoga teacher - both live and on-demand.

Here's what to expect when you sign up for this exclusive offer:

  • Access to 4 live classes*:

Monday 8/29 Core Conditioning & Yoga Express (30 minutes each)

Wednesday 8/31 Hiit Strength (45 minutes)

Friday 9/2 Yoga Flow (60 minutes)

Christine's Trainer Hacks for Success:

  • Add the live classes to your calendar with an alert to remind you to tune in.

  • Do the same for the recorded classes - pick the days and times you will workout and make an appointment with yourself.

  • Trust me, wanting to exercise is very different than doing exercise. We're all busy people - don't wait to feel motivated - decide to do it because it's important to you, then take the necessary steps like planning ahead. If you need more accountability, join a group (like my team), find a workout buddy, anyone to keep an eye on you and you on them.

  • Have fun! Prepare your workout space, play your favorite music, wear what you want, turn the air as chilly as you like and just do it!


CONTACT ME before 8/27 and I'll email you all the info you need to participate in FREE CLASSES for 3 weeks. If you want more, join my Fall Virtual Class Program before September 10th and save 30% (new members only).

Join my team and let's "fall into fitness" together so we can coast into the holiday season moving well and feeling great! Online classes are fun, safe and effective. My friendly and caring approach will inspire your physical, mental and emotional wellness. I customize the workouts to serve the needs of all participants. You won’t find

this level of personalized service at the local gym or from large mass market programs. Here's the Fall Program Flyer with all the details about my different classes and the Virtual Class Program. Visit my website to see more information and read my testimonials.

The body achieves what the mind believes...what do you believe?

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