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Push Ups


Working one on one with a certified personal trainer is the fastest and safest way to achieve results.   Designed with science and delivered with passion, I will develop a personalized wellness program that fits your body, lifestyle and budget.

Perhaps you need help after a health scare or diagnosis. Are you worried about injuries or falling? Maybe you can't perform daily activities or play sports the way you once did. Is it possible that you’ve never exercised before?

As your private coach, I’ll work with you to identify your needs, collaborate with you to build goals and use accountability, education and inspiration to help you enjoy the journey towards optimal health and fitness. My goal is to exceed your expectations, have fun along the way and empower you to be at your best everyday!

Typical programs are designed to improve health & wellbeing, address core conditioning, muscle strength, bone-density, balance, flexibility, body awareness, proper breathing and lifestyle factors like sleep, stress management and nutrition. Sessions can be delivered in person at  your home or in virtual format.   Clients feel best when we meet 2-3 times a week.

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