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Outdoor Yoga


What is yoga, and why is it so popular? Yoga is a series of stretches and poses that you do with breathing techniques. This 5,000-year-old discipline from India was developed as a practice to unite the mind, body and spirit. Yoga is a great way to stretch and strengthen your body, focus your mind, and relax your spirit.  Anyone can do it, regardless of age or fitness level. 

One of the most powerful elements of yoga practice is its ability to meet us where we are in the moment - in bodies and minds. B.K.S. Iyengar (fondly known as the 'Father of Yoga') was quoted as saying, "Yoga allows you to find a new kind of freedom that you may not have known even existed.” For some of us, this means freedom from tension and pain in the body, or freedom from obstacles in the mind like worry, fear or doubt. We all come to yoga practice with different experiences and expectations.  Yoga can be your primary exercise as well as a complement to your existing workouts, whether it be running, biking, or weight-lifting. 

Yoga sessions are offered as part of your personal training program or by itself - in person at your home or in virtual format.  Yoga is also included in my virtual group classes.

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